Spirulina and Chlorella – Good Vegetables for Health

Spirulina and Chlorella- Tremendous Meals

Recently I have been switched on to the benefits of those two particular green superfoods. OKAY so I am aware some of you’re out there heading, ‘Wow what took you so long’? and some of you’re planning, ‘Spira-what’? .. That is the way it is with any type of discovery really. It takes a few pioneers to be ‘guinea pigs’ test topics before some of us are brave enough to try it.

I will tell you right now, my mom turns her nose up at my delicious natural smoothies… I have not even talked to her about ALGAE yet!

You heard right. ALGAE! One less delicate observer named it pond scum, but I’m a trooper… I tried it anyway!

What’re the benefits of Chlorella and Spirulina?

According to Mike Adams in his eBook Chlorella Factor, spirulina contains 12 times more the number of digestible protein than the same weight of beef, a phytochemical in chlorella can repair nerve damage, and both have now been found to slow cancers. That is pretty heady stuff from a nutritional standpoint.

What are Spirulina and Chlorella?

Chlorella and Spirulina are classified as algae. They are the two most frequent commercially grown and harvested algae for nutritional and health supplements. They are grouped by color…spirulina benefits is one of the blue-green algae while chlorella is on of the green algae. They both are rich with trace minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and phytochemical compounds. They are a plentiful supply of easily-digestible plant protein, and have rich heavy pigments.

Both have also been labelled as ‘super foods’ by the edge health and nutrition market, and they’re gradually coming more mainstream and more people experience benefits.

Spirulina has been dubbed ‘Natures Most Perfect Food’, and is popular in greens type powder supplements. It helps balance ph, apparently supports weight reduction, will help reduce fasting blood-sugar in diabetics, and inhibit viruses. It also contains omega 3 essential fatty acids and some individuals use it as a protein source.

A few of the other benefits recognized are:

– helps cleansing the liver

– has a good impact on blood pressure

– assists reduce tumor size

– is abundant with anti-oxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties

Chlorella benefits is considered ‘Natures Detoxifier’ due to the capacity of this plant to chelate heavy metals and toxins. The detox is a result of very high levels of chlorophyll, but additionally as a result of the cell wall. The cell wall is obviously constructed of material that binds heavy metals and toxins.

More details is available here.

From a health perspective, I’m always searching for ways I can improve the vitamins and minerals of my diet. I understand that as our soil is depleted of vitamins and minerals, so are the foods we harvest, so I think today, as part of your before, it is important to fortify our diets with very foods that provide nutrition to the body. I believe spirulina and chlorella undoubtedly fit that bill.


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